Wave 1 in Gold

Wave 1 in Gold is heading out to Singapore to the walls of a new bathroom by the designers at Yabu Pushelburg.

Amongst others Elon Musk is the proud owner of a 6ft edition of Wave 1 in Gold here in Los Angeles. It looks great by the way. And just for fun I’m going to post the Green as well. This was the description of the original commission.

I gravitated to it because I saw it as something you could potentially mis-identify. I played with the pic (I do this with any image that inspires me to be further inspired and to figure out my attraction) and realize now why I liked it so much - when you alter the temps and color saturate, it becomes a richter-esque abstract but Better! lol. Could be a wave, an energy reading, sunset behind mountains, close-up on a sliced agate, etc. I love that it has mystery. 

In my mind, your composition has everything a 2-D piece should have - full, glorious color with areas of absolute blacks, greys and a pure light source you can't help but be riveted by. All this because the original photo is so good. Just like the original wave (and the "real" ocean!) it's a mesmerizing paradox: energetic and tranquil all at the same time. And, has so many tiny details for the eye to consider and explore.

My preference (when I altered using the mac iphoto program), was for a very moody predominance of green and golds with the blacks and whites still true but I have to say, it was absolutely splendid in fuchsia/navy, in orange/yellows and of course just saturated without altering the temps, it was pure lush. 

Wave 1 in Gold
Wave 1 in Green
Matthew Farrar